Maritime Museum

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On 9/23 I visited the Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, Wi. Included was a tour of the USS Cobia, a WWII submarine similar to the 20 that were made in Manitowoc.
As we were crossing the gangway the ferry Badger was leaving port bound for Ludington, Michigan.
The forward torpedo room.
Officers mess.
Part of the control room.
One of the 4 diesel engines.
Back inside the museum displays showed street scenes from Manitowoc and an explanation of the parts of a wooden ship.
Displays of sailing ships and the tools used to make them.
Displays of the various types of cargo ships used on the Great Lakes.
A display of Burger Boats.
Several pleasure boats manufactured in the area.
A hydroplane from the 1950's.
One area was dedicated to marine engines including the Kahlenbergs.

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